Payroll Deductions


Don't get caught without LionCash+ and miss out on exclusive discounts. Enroll in the LionCash+ payroll deduction program to have funds automatically deducted from your Penn State paycheck and deposited directly into your LionCash+ account.

Have a family member who attends or works at Penn State?  You can have funds distributed into as many as five LionCash+ accounts in addition to your own account. 

A Penn State employee can request a payroll deduction of $125 from each paycheck and designate $50 to be deposited into the LionCash+ accounts of her two children, who are Penn State students, and the remaining $25 to be deposited into her own LionCash+ account.

Updating Your Deduction

You can update the amount of your payroll deduction and its distribution online at any time. It's convenient and secure.

Payroll processing normally occurs four business days prior to the pay date. If you submit a new deduction request close to processing time, your request might not be processed until the following pay date. If you have elected to deposit funds into multiple accounts and change the deposit distribution close to the time of payroll processing, the amount deducted from your pay may not match your new LionCash+ deposit distributions. 


You will receive an email confirming that your deposit has been made. The amount requested will be deposited into the designated LionCash+ account(s) at approximately 10:00 p.m. on the day before the pay date. Those receiving a deposit distribution will also receive an email informing them of the deposit.