The id+ Card

Do I have to get an id+ card?

All students, faculty, and staff must obtain a Penn State id+ card. Penn State Policy AD-24 states that you should carry your id+ card with you at all times. You need to present it to access various University services and systems. The card is your key to the Campus Meal Plan, LionCash+, building access, library services, time clocks, and more.

Are wage payroll or affiliate employees eligible for an id+ card?

Wage payroll and affiliate employees are eligible for an affiliate id+ card.

What do I need to bring with me to get an id+ card?

Valid photo identification—such as a driver's license or passport—must be presented to obtain an id+ card. Newly hired employees must also present an Authorization for Penn State id+ Card Form (pdf), which must be completed and signed by an authorized area Human Resource Representative.

Is there a charge for an id+ card?

There is no charge for your first id+ card. Subsequent id+ cards replacing lost, stolen, or damaged id+ cards can be replaced for a minimal fee.

Do I have to activate all the features on my id+ card (LionCash+, banking, etc.)?

All of the features on the card are optional. You may choose to activate only the features you want. However, LionCash+ is the only method of payment accepted in the on-campus laundry machines and computer labs.

I lost my card. How can I protect my funds?

If you've lost your card or it's been stolen or damaged, the first step is to deactivate your id+ card immediately. Second, contact or visit your id+ Office to get a replacement card.


Can I use my id+ card as an ATM card?

If you open a new Penn State Student Plan Account, or have an existing account with PNC Bank, you can link your id+ card to work just like an ATM card to access your PNC Bank account(s) wherever STAR or PLUS are accepted.

Is PNC Bank the only bank participating in the id+ program?

Yes, PNC Bank is the exclusive banking partner of the id+ card program.

Will I be surcharged when I use my id+ card at an ATM?

You will not be surcharged by PNC Bank if you use your id+ card at a PNC ATM. Other financial institutions or ATM operators may charge for using their ATMs. PNC Bank charges may apply for using another bank's or operator's ATMs.

How can I link my id+ card to my PNC Bank account(s)?

You can link your id+ card to your PNC account(s) in person at a PNC Bank Branch, by calling 877-PNC-1000, or online.

Do I need a PIN for my id+ card to function at PNC Bank ATMs?

Yes, you will need a PIN to access your account(s) with your id+ card. Visit the Banking page for more information.

How can I find out more about opening a PNC account and linking my id+ card?

For information on opening a PNC account, visit the bank's website.


What is LionCash+?

LionCash+ is an online, prepaid debit account that may be used to purchase goods or services at participating on- and off-campus locations.

How can I activate my LionCash+ account?

LionCash+ accounts are activated by simply making an initial deposit into the account.

Where can I use LionCash+?

Cardholders can use LionCash+ funds at many on- and off-campus locations, which include the following:

  • Off-campus stores, restaurants, and services
  • On-campus food service locations
  • On-campus laundry facilities
  • Select on-campus vending and copy machines

Are there any restrictions on the types of goods or services I can purchase with LionCash+?

LionCash+ cannot be used to buy packaged alcohol or drug paraphernalia. Merchants are prohibited from accepting LionCash+ in exchange for cash.

What are the benefits of LionCash+?

It's safer and more convenient than carrying cash. Lost or stolen cards can easily be deactivated online. It's easy to load funds onto the card. Family and friends can add funds online. Funds will carry over from semester to semester and from year to year.

How do I add funds to my LionCash+ account?

You can make an initial deposit or add funds to an existing LionCash+ account:

  • With a Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card or Discover Card online.
  • In person with cash, check, or Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card at University Park Commons Desks or at the id+ Office, 20 HUB-Robeson Center.
  • With cash or check at the Housing and Food Services Offices and selected dining services points of sale at the Commonwealth campuses.

Do the funds in my LionCash+ account carry over?

LionCash+ funds carry over from semester to semester and from year to year as long as there is no period of inactivity longer than 12 months.

Can I use my Campus Meal Plan dining dollars at LionCash+ locations?

No.  Campus Meal Plan dining dollars are restricted to on-campus food service locations only.  LionCash+ may be used in on-campus food service locations as well as in laundry, vending, and copy machines and at participating on- and off-campus locations.

Can I use LionCash+ for telephone orders and deliveries?

Merchants may manually enter your card number into their terminal for telephone orders and delivery. The merchant will need to see your id+ card and get your signature for proper identification and authorization upon delivery.

I've lost my id+ card. What happens to the funds in my LionCash+ account ?

Lost or stolen cards must be immediately deactivated online or by calling your local id+ Office. Once your card has been deactivated, the funds on your lost or stolen card will be placed on hold until you receive a replacement id+ card. The new card will be issued with a new 16-digit card number, and the funds on hold will be transferred to the new id+ card. The lost or stolen card will no longer be valid.

How can I receive a refund on my LionCash+ account?

Requests for refunds will be granted to students only upon graduation, withdrawal from the University, or at the end of spring semester. Faculty and staff may obtain refunds upon request at any time. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from each refund. In addition, all University debts must be satisfied before a refund is processed.