Getting Your id+ Card

Every Penn State campus has an office that issues id+ cards. There is no charge for your first card.

When you come to the id+ Office, you'll need to present a valid driver's license, passport, state-issued photo ID, military ID, government-issued photo ID, high school photo ID with a Social Security Card, college ID with a Social Security Card, or a Permanent Resident Card. Without one of these valid forms of ID, we cannot issue you an id+ card.

Photo Requirements

-Full-face view directly facing the camera with both eyes open

-Neutral facial expression or a natural (unexaggerated) smile; unusual expressions are not permitted

-Hats or head coverings are not permitted unless worn daily for religious purposes; must be pictured on the valid form of photo ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) and cannot obscure hairline or cast shadows on the face

-Sunglasses or dark tinted glasses are not permitted unless medically necessary; medical certificate may be required

University Park Students

All first-year students who participate in New Student Orientation (NSO) will receive their id+ cards during the program.  

Transfer students, graduate students, and first-year students who do not attend NSO can get their card at the id+ Office (20 HUB-Robeson Center). Students transferring to University Park from another Penn State campus don't need a new id+ card.  

Students at Other Penn State Locations

Contact your campus id+ Office for more details and office hours.  


Your appointment type or position classification determines the type of id+ card you will receive. Standing and fixed term appointments will get a Faculty/Staff card. Wage payroll appointments will get an Affiliate card.

Faculty/Staff at University Park

Obtain an "Authorization for Penn State id+ Card (pdf)" form from your Human Resources representative and bring the completed form to the id+ Office (20 HUB-Robeson Center) to get your card. 

Faculty/Staff at Other Penn State Locations

Contact your campus id+ Office for more details and office hours.