World Campus

World Campus students can obtain a Penn State id+ card by:

1) Submitting a photo online.

  • Photo must meet all outlined requirements – see below for details.
  • Once approved, id+ cards can take up to two business days to be printed.
  • Student must choose delivery method.
    • Mailed or In-person Pick-up options:
      • id+ cards can be mailed to the permanent address attached to the LionPATH account.
        *Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
    • Pick-up the id+ card at the nearest campus location.
      • Email [email protected] to indicate the preferred campus location.
      • A confirmation email will be sent from the campus when id+ card is ready for pick-up.
      • Please allow for 2 business days to receive pick-up notification.

2) Visit an id+ office of choice to obtain the id+ card immediately.
     Not all campuses are able to produce id+ cards due to current service protocols. 


  • Contact desired campus location for further details.
    • Bring a valid form of photo identification:
      State Driver's License, Passport, US Military ID, State-issued Photo ID Government-issued Photo ID, Permanent Resident Card, High School ID and Social Security Card, College ID and Social Security Card

*Photo Requirements

  • Cropped slightly above head to middle of chest
  • Plain, white background in well-lit setting
  • Color photo with no filters
  • Must not include sunglasses or hat
  • Face positioned directly at camera
  • Eyes should be open and looking at the camera
  • No other person(s) should be visible in photo

Card Replacement

The first id+ card is free of charge.

id+ card Replacement

  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged id+ cards
    • Deposit replacement fee of $15 into the associated LionCash account using a credit/debit card - Visa, Master Card, Discover.
    • Submit photo online.
    • Notify id+ Office via email after completing the deposit and photo submission – [email protected]
  • World Campus students updating image (from Old Main to individual photo) or legal name change
    • No fee associated with change.
    • Submit photo online.
    • Notify id+ Office via email after submitting photo online, attaching a photo of the old id+ card cut in half vertically – [email protected]
    • Legal name changes must be updated within LionPATH prior to submitting id+ card request

For more information contact [email protected]