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id+ card

The id+ card is the physical form of the Penn State Mobile id+ Card. Both credentials offer contactless access to assigned buildings, residence halls, and other select areas on campus. You can also use them to pay for meals with a Meal plan or LionCash and get into gyms, athletic facilities, and events (if tickets have been purchased). As we continue to replace magnetic stripe readers and implement tap-n-go or tap-n-pay technology University-wide, physical id+ cards will only be issued by exception. For information about the mobile id+ project, read Penn State Mobile id+ Card to serve as University's primary credential.

Submit Your Photo

The first step to getting your mobile id+ card or id+ card is submitting a photo of yourself and your government-issued photo ID. Once these photos are approved, you will be able to complete the next steps. If you have questions, email the id+ Office at [email protected].

student using id+ card to pay for food with LionCash

Card Policies

It is important to be informed of the policies and procedures of your id+ card. Policy AD24 is the University's governing policy on identification cards for students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and retirees. You should also be familiar with Penn State id+ Cardholder Disclosure Statement.

Please take care of your id+ card. Improper care or usage may include:

  • Bends, breaks, gouges, marks, or punctures to the id+ card
  • Scratches on the magnetic stripe or NFC Contactless icon
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures and/or magnets
  • Equipment damage (such as from a washer or dryer)
Penn State Mobile id+ Card and id+ card
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Tap Your id+ card

We are currently upgrading card access readers from magnetic swipes to tap-n-go or tap-n-pay technology. This tap technology is compliant with both your id+ card and the mobile id+ card. While the mobile id+ card is Penn State’s primary credential, we understand exceptions will need to be made for those who need to utilize a physical id+ card. To learn about exemptions, visit the mobile id+ card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my id+ card still work if I don't have a mobile id+ card?

The new electronic doors and card access readers will feature tap technology that is compliant with both your id+ card and mobile id+ card. When it is time for your area or campus to be upgraded, your access and facility coordinators will be proactively notified by the Office of Physical Security.

Our current focus is implementing this new tap technology at the Beaver, Behrend, Greater Allegheny, Harrisburg, and Mount Alto campus locations. The upgrades at these pilot campuses will be complete by the summer of 2024. The remaining Penn State campuses will be upgraded by the summer of 2025.

Who is exempted from getting the mobile id+ card?

Exceptions will be made for technical service employees, students, and other employees with approved exemptions. These exemptions include: 

  • Approved personal and religious reasons 

  • If your device is not a smartphone that is compatible with tap technology 

  • If you do not have a smartphone or mobile device readily available 

What do I do if I lose my id+ card or if it has been stolen?

Lost or stolen id+ cards and/or mobile devices should be deactivated immediately through the Deactivation/Reactivate Portal. Cards may also be deactivated in person or by calling the local during business hours.

The cardholder is responsible for all transactions and usage of their id+ card and mobile id+ card. However, a short-term or temporary card is available for inaccessible id+ cards. Temporary cards can be obtained through the local housing operations commons desk as well as the local id+ Office. A fee will be charged for each temporary card that is issued.

How can I deposit LionCash?

To add LionCash or make a guest deposit, go to the eAccounts website or click the link below.

When confirming the deposit details, if you do not click MAKE DEPOSIT, your payment will not be posted to your LionCash account. Your payment will show as a pending charge on your account, and it is up to your financial institution to remove pending charges that have not been posted.

You can also make LionCash deposits by mail and in person at the University Park id+ Office or Housing & Food Service Office locations. If you mail a LionCash deposit, please make the check payable to Penn State University (PSU) and include a note containing the student’s name and PSU ID number. Our address is:

Penn State id+ Office 
20 HUB-Robeson Center 
University Park, PA 16802

To learn more about LionCash, visit

How do I get my 16-digit card number?

To gt your 16-digit ID card number, follow these instructions:

1. Log into your Transact eAccounts Portal using your Penn State User ID & Password.

3. Complete Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA). For help with MFA, contact the IT Service Desk at [email protected].

4. Click "Card Services" in the top menu, and your 16-digit card number will be listed in the middle of your screen.

Can I receive a replacement id+ card?

New id+ cards can be obtained by visiting the local id+ Office. For locations and hours of operations, visit

Please note a card replacement fee will be charged for a new id+ card. Only the most recently printed version is valid. Card replacement fees are waived for status and name changes.

How can I link my PNC Banking account?

Penn State id+ cards can be turned into debit cards when linked to a PNC bank account and used at accepting ATMs. To learn more about our PNC Banking solutions for students, faculty, and staff, visit