id+ Card Basics

id+ Card Basics

The id+ card is Penn State’s official identification card – which is available in a physical card format as well as mobile version.

id+ Card and Mobile id+ Card

The id+ card is a printed card that offers access to or payment of resources through swipe and contactless/tap to pay transactions. Penn State’s Mobile id+ Card can be added to an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone. The mobile credential provides access to the same resources as the physical version, however, through contactless transactions only.

Not all Penn State locations currently accept contactless or tap to pay transactions.

Lost id+ Card or Mobile Device

Lost or stolen id+ cards and/or mobile devices should be deactivated immediately through the Deactivation/Reactivate portal. Cards may also be deactivated in person or by calling the local during business hours.

The cardholder is responsible for all transactions and usage of their id+ card and mobile id+ card.

Replacement id+ Card

New id+ cards can be obtained by visiting the local id+ Office. For locations and hours of operations, visit

A card replacement fee will be charged for a new id+ card. Only the most recently printed version is valid. Card replacement fees are waived for status and name changes.

Temporary Cards

A short-term or temporary card is available for inaccessible id+ cards. Temporary cards can be obtained through the local housing operations commons desk as well as the local id+ Office. A fee will be charged for each temporary card issued.


Improper care or usage may include:

  • Bends, breaks, gouges, marks, or punctures to the id+ card
  • Scratches or wear to magnetic stripe
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures and/or magnets
  • Equipment damage (such as from a washer or dryer)

Note: The above examples are general guideline and are not all-inclusive.


Graphic of anatomy of your card with a numbered list of features: 1. ID Photo, 2. Last Name, 3. First Name, 4. PSU ID Number, 5. Cardholder Status, 6. Issued Date, 7. Magnetic Stipe, 8. Important Cardholder Information, 9. id+ website (, 10. id+ office address, 11. NFC Contactless icon, 12. Emergency Contact Information.