The LionCash Advantage

There are more than 100,000 Penn State id+ Card users in Pennsylvania, and Penn State students, faculty, and staff members carry their id+ cards whenever they're on campus and in town. As a LionCash merchant, your company can take advantage of the program's award-winning advertising and marketing initiatives, as well as its convenient and secure procedures that will boost business and introduce your services to the University community. 

Here's what some of our participating merchants are saying about the program.....

"The several thousand dollars a week is a big benefit for us.  A lot of students do come in and don't have anything else other than LionCash."
— Fran Johnson, Manager, CVS

"It's great for any business to have, especially since all of the new students are using it."
– Patty Collins, Manager, Family Clothesline

"The students were really happy when we began accepting LionCash."
— Brenda Kelly, Manager, Cold Stone Creamery

"We are getting more business from the program than ever before.  Some days we have the same amount of LionCash slips as debit slips - it's amazing!"
— Grace Mehalick, Manager, McLanahan's Student Store