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Visitor Access Cards

Sponsoring departments should contact their area access coordinator to initiate the request process. The access coordinator will need the following information: 
Request Type: Visitor or Emergency 
Cost Object Account: 
Each active card will be billed $1 per month, to the cost center provided. If a card is active for (1) of the days in a billing period, the respective cost center will be billed the full $1 amount. The cost object may be updated at any time to correct future billing cycles. The expiration date can be modified by the access coordinators at any time. When an expiration date lapses, the card is automatically deactivated and removed from the billing process.  

Visitor Access Card 

Departments may sponsor individuals who require on-going physical access to secured facilities who do not already have, or qualify for, a Penn State credential. such as vendors, contractors, consultants, visitors, etc. These cards, which can be renewed annually, will contain essential information about visitors, such as their name, photograph, and Penn State ID number.

Visitor Access Cards require cardholders to create a Penn State account, which then needs to be sponsored.  

Emergency Visitor Access Card 

Emergency visitor access cards should only be used under special circumstances, typically for a temporary situation, one-time occurrence, and/or emergency that requires immediate access. This card type is considered less secure since it is not assigned to a specific individual and requires an expiration date no more than 30 days.